Instructions for Applying Online
1. The applicant must be a Citizen of India at least 18 years old on the last date of submission of the application.
2. The eligibility regarding reservation shall be determined as on the last date for the submission of applications under this scheme.
  3. The applicant must not have availed benefit of allotment of apartment/house/plot under any reserved category in any scheme of any Government agency anywhere in the country.
4. Where sufficient number of applications are not received against a reserved category,(except sports category) the excess apartments shall be considered as unreserved and transferred to the General category at the time of draw of lots. In case of insufficient applicants in a sub category under the Disabled Category, apartments will be distributed equally in other sub categories under the same Category.
5. Download and read the scheme brochure carefully.
6. Earnest Money shall be payable through RTGS/NEFT. For RTGS/NEFT to pay the earnest money in the bank and obtain the UTR number, after obtaining the UTR number applicant is eligible to apply through RTGS/NEFT. The earnest money deposited should be strictly according to the size of the Plot as specified in the scheme brochure However, applicant applying off line (Hard Copy) can submit their application form alongwith earnest money in the shape of bank draft in favour of Estate Officer, PUDA , Patiala payable at place/city of respective banks.
Mode of Payment as follows
Sr. No Mode of Payment Charges/ Fee Structure for making online payments
1. RTGS/NEFT Nil           
7. 10% price of plot is to be deposited along with application.15% Price is payable within thirty days from the date of issue of LOI. Balance 75% would be payable in six equated half-yearly installments alongwith interest at the rate of 12% per annum.1st installment shall become due after one year from the date of issue of allotment letter.
8. Applicants would be entitled to apply for particular plot(size wise) on a separate application form.In that case,earnest money will be charged with each application form but the applicant would be eligible for only one plot.In case the applicant is successful in more than one category,he/she will have to surrender the other plots after giving option for retaining one with him/her within 30 days from the date of draw,failing which Estate Officer,PUDA,Patiala will have the right to cancel the extra plots and forfeit the entire earnest money.
9. No Interest shall be paid to the applicant who are successful and are in the waiting list.However the applicant in the waiting list can seek refund any time without any deduction.
10. Allotment shall be made through Draw of Plots.The applicants of waiting list shall be alloted plots on the basis of availability.No choice will be available for any particular plot.However,plot number will be alloted to the successful applicants by draw of plots.The applicants not interested in the offered plot will be refunded their earnest money,if the written refusal is given within 30 days from the date of issue of LOI. Waiting list will be valid for one year,however,interest shall not be paid on the Earnest Money.
11. If the information/documents supplied are found to be false or fabricated such allotment shall be cancelled and entire earnest money forfeited along with institution of criminal proceedings against the applicant. Incomplete/ unsigned applications will be summarily rejected without conveying reasons.
12.  The allotment price shall be subject to the area as per actual measurement of site,at the time of Delivery of Possession.
The area of Plots may increase or decrease as per site.
The number of Plots can be increased or decreased.
5% rebate on total price of Plot is admissible to disabled persons.
13. Where the Applications are more than the number of Plots,a waiting list in order of Seniority will be drawn to the extent of 5% of the number of Plots, a waiting list in order of seniority will be drawn to the extent of 5% of the number of Plots avaialbe under each category.The Plots so made available under this scheme will be offered to the applicants in the waiting list in order of their merit. The Applicants in the waiting list shall be made allotment only after completing the process of allotment of eligible applicants. However,the Applicants kept on waiting list will be given allotment in the event of surrender of plots under this scheme only.The waiting list will be valid for one year from the date of draw.However no interest shall be paid on Earnest Money to the applicants under waiting list.
14. The Applicants of successful applicants shall be scrutinized on the basis of information given in the applications form and declaration made therein.However,allotment letter shall be issued only after completion of requisite formalities furnishing of required documents and affidavit on non judicial stamp paper worth Rs,25/- in the format as indicated in the brochure within 15 days from the date of demand by the Estate Officer,PUDA,Patiala. Any Applicant whose affidavit/document are not found in order shall not be considered for the final allotment even if he/she has been found eligible after the scrutiny of the application form after date of draw.